We're excited about our next giant leap forward into decentralizing the WAX Blockchain's service layer with WAX ExpressTrade!
WAX is a blockchain, and blockchains should be decentralized. Decentralization means that no single entity controls it, to create a fair and transparent system (among other benefits).
As part of our path towards full decentralization of all WAX services, WAX ExpressTrade will move to the WAX Blockchain mainnet (it is currently running on the beta chain) and will operate in a fully decentralized fashion. The decentralized version of WAX ExpressTrade will go live in the beginning of Q1.
In the meantime, you can:
1. View your WAX NFTs like VGO Skins, WAX Stickers and more in your WAX Cloud Wallet here
2. Buy, sell, and transfer WAX NFTs on simplemarket.io here
3. Convert WAX Keys to WAX Tokens in your WAX Cloud Wallet here
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